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Top 10 Principals Shaping Minds in India for the Month of March 2024

Kiteskraft Productions LLP recognizes educators who have contributed in the impartation of Education by blending expertise with outcome-based learning

Top 10 Principals Shaping Minds In India for the Month of March 2024 :-

Mrs. Ramsree Jeyan Achary – Mrs. Ramsree Jeyan Achary , Founder of Genio Education, believes in “Nothing is Impossible.” With over 10 years of teaching experience, she is dedicated to creating successful students. Genio Academy offers 30+ courses, aiming for “Quality Education for All.” She recently launched the Genio Academy website and app, providing high-quality Intellectual Development courses to enhance student competitiveness. She received the MATH TECH GURU AWARD from INFINITY GROUP in 2020 for her passion and expertise in Mathematics. She was also recognized as one of the Foxclues Top 100 Women Icons in 2021.

Dr. Meetu Sharma – Dr. Meetu Sharma, an educational luminary with over three decades of experience, has shaped countless lives through her leadership at Blooming Dales International School. Her journey, marked by innovative teaching methods and academic rigor, reflects a commitment to lifelong learning. Recognized with prestigious awards like the Sri Sri Award 2024, she stands as a beacon of holistic education. Beyond academia, her involvement with the Art of Living organization underscores her dedication to promoting mindfulness and spiritual growth. Dr. Sharma’s legacy epitomizes dedication, innovation, and service, leaving an indelible impact on students and communities alike.

Dr. G.  Sulochana Ganasehar – Dr. G. Sulochana Ganasehar, Principal of Casagrand International School, Perumbakkam branch in Chennai, has led transformative initiatives in education. With a career spanning decades, she fosters nurturing and innovative learning environments. Her expertise in educational management prioritizes student and teacher development, elevating academic and extracurricular standards. Her student-centered approach emphasizes diverse activities for holistic growth. Her leadership extends to professional teacher development and maintaining curricular excellence. Under her guidance, Casagrand International School excels, promoting excellence, discipline, and respect. Her impactful contributions, recognized by awards like the Best Principal Award from Rotary Club-Chennai Golden Star, inspire many in Chennai’s educational landscape.

Dr. S. Sarojini – Dr. S. Sarojini, an education stalwart of over two decades, is deeply committed to the growth of her organization. With a doctorate in nursing, she molds students with high knowledge and proficiency. Beyond her role as an educator and student counselor, she draws from clinical experience to guide with precision. Confidence defines her approach as she inspires and motivates students to excel. Grounded in spirituality and philosophy, she believes in the rewards of hard work and persistence. Driven by a passion for healthcare and youth empowerment, she remains dedicated to these causes in the years ahead.

E. Elia Violet – E. Elia Violet, the conqueror of challenges, embodies the rarity of women overcoming hurdles to achieve dreams. Her passion for educating young minds in rural areas drove her success, inspired by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s words: “First burn like a sun to shine like one.” Over 30 years in education, she impacted thousands of students and hundreds of staff. She credits her journey to God, family, well-wishers, and dedicated team members. With determination as her driving force, she plans to elevate rural education standards, ensuring no child is deprived. Her middle-class roots inspire simplicity, nature, and a vision to uplift villages through education.

Mr. Ravi Chandran – Mr. Ravi Chandran, an academic leader in Kapasan, Rajasthan, holds a Master’s in Journalism, a Bachelor’s in Social Studies, an ITI in Machinist, and a PG Diploma in Yoga Education. With over 20 years of service, including a decade as Principal and his current role as Academic Director at Smart Kids Creations, he’s the district’s sole Globe teacher. Honored as Best Innovator in Global Education Mentor Awards 2023, Best Education Counselor in National Education Brilliance Awards 2023, and Best Principal in JAI National Awards 2024, his passion impacts over 20,000 lives, affirming education as his life’s calling.

Biju Sebastian Parampakth – Biju Sebastian Parampakth, born in 1974, is an educator, social advocate, and author. With a postgraduate degree in English literature, a Bachelor of Education from Bangalore University, and a PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism, he contributes to various magazines and has authored three books. Serving as principal in several schools, his educational philosophy emphasizes holistic development. He believes in the transformative power of education and focuses on fostering intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, emotional, and social growth. He strives to instill patriotism, ethical conduct, and excellence in students, aiming to empower them for success and fulfillment, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Antarpreet Dhupar – Antarpreet Dhupar, a seasoned educator residing in Ahmednagar, boasts 36 years of teaching experience. Proficient in English literature and Social Science for classes IX to XII, he served as Senior Coordinator at Takshila School, Principal at Indus World School, and currently leads Galaxy National School. Her  leadership qualities earned him accolades, including the Humanitarian Award and Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Award from the Government of India in 2021. He also received the Global Teacher Award and recognition from Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, among others. His educational journey includes CBSE 10th and 12th, graduation from Maharani’s College Jaipur, and post-graduation from Rajasthan University Jaipur.

B. Gayathri – B.  Gayathri, a dedicated Principal at SSRVM Bangalore South, boasts a stellar career spanning over 25 years in education. As a resource person for CBSE COE Bengaluru and COE Delhi West, she conducts workshops on various educational topics across Karnataka. Her achievements include pioneering the Senior Secondary Wing, implementing Scouts and Guides and NSS, and fostering impeccable student results. Recognized with prestigious awards like the Global Teacher Award and the Stellar Performance Award, she continues to inspire excellence in education. With degrees in Education and Mathematics, she excels in leadership, motivation, and decision-making, ensuring quality education and empowering local communities.

Mrs. Harpreet Kaur – Mrs. Harpreet Kaur, Principal cum Director of Rose Buds Public School, boasts a 20-year career marked by exceptional leadership and educational innovation. With expertise in English literature, education, journalism, and mass communication, she brings a unique perspective. Her tenure at NIIT and Aptech Academic Counseling further enriched her journey. She’s dedicated to social upliftment, notably in rural areas. Engaging with international curriculums and creating the 4C curriculum highlight her commitment to holistic education. Advocating for gender equality, she provides free education for the third girl child, earning numerous national and international accolades for her remarkable contributions to education with a wealth of experience in education and a passion for nurturing young minds. Mrs. Harpreet Kaur and bodies our school commitment to excellence and student success.

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